about us

Colorado Wild Sports Org. is a registered 501(c)(3)-non profit organization that directly impacts and supports youth and their families who are in search of positive, encouraging influences in their lives. We provide kids from all backgrounds and communities an opportunity for fitness , health , and emotional wellness throughout our youth sports programs. Our sports programs incentivize our young children to perform better in the classroom , building character throughout the the life lessons sports teach us ; Sportsmanship , Team Building , Perseverance , Scholarship , Honesty and Integrity. 

The Colorado Wild Sports Org., was founded in 2012. Since then we have developed sports programs that help over a hundred free and reduced lunch children to monitor academics , health , and emotional stress. We are the largest sports organization in Colorado that offers off-season training for all student-athletes, with over 300 active  members active prepping our kids for college exposure  with tutoring programs and sports training programs.