Academics are highly stressed in our program. We use sports as a engine to jump start post high school education. We have excelled in academics thus far. 


We have had over 100 scholarship recipients since 2015. In that time we have maintained over a 3.0 GPA for our program.  Every student-athlete in our program must maintain a 2.5 core gpa to participate in our sports programs . This will help in the recruiting process to help ensure NCAA clearing house regulations in which students must have over a 2.3 core gpa to be eligible to receive a Division 1 or Full Athletic Scholarship. 

All Students will complete a NCAA workshop. Registering for the NCAAA clearing house , transcript and grade awareness. Weekly progress reports. ACT/SAT tutoring. Post Education goals ,plan of action 

Fun Stats :

1 Rhodes Scholar

43 student athletes above a 3.5 GPA

20 College Graduates ( 1 Masters)

99% High School Graduation Rate 

4 IVY League Scholarship Recipients ( 2 Graduates)