Our strategy for returning to our programS aligN with what we always strive to provide — a physically and emotionally safe environment to grow. 


The policies and procedures put in place to respond to the coronavirus, commonly known as COVID-19, have been informed by the state’s mandates and guidance provided by the CDC. Our staff will continue to use the most recent information from the healthcare and scientific communities to provide updated trainings for our staff and to make future policy and procedural changes to our operations. 

In order to reduce the risk of any potential COVID-19 transmission, we have reduced the amount of participants in each program offered. This includes team training, group lessons, camps/clinics,AND 1-on-1 lessons. With fewer individuals AT OUR PRACTICES at one time, we are able to maintain social distancing consistently, while still offering impactful programming to the athletes.


check-in process that includes a series of screening questions and a temperature checkS with mask on , players and coaches will sanitize their hands before and after practice and every 15 mins to limit the covid-19 exposure. 


All clients, players, coaches, and our instructional staff are required to wear masks or face coverings while PRACTICE IS IN SESSION.



All staff and participants will adhere to a policy of staying 6-feet away from each other during practice until competition. in competition everyone will be required to wear a mask. Depending on the county and the current mandates, there may be brief encounters with an athlete to show them how to correct a specific skill.



When teams and their coaches are in the SESSION for their team practice, SOCIAL DISTANCING IS A MUST AND LIMITED 



Athletes are required to bring their own equipment to use during all sessions. If they do not have a piece of equipment needed for their session, an instructor may provide a sanitized loaner for the day. All athletes not QB are required to have on gloves to limit exposure.